At Live Champion Fitness our mission is to equip individuals with the tools that empower them to live like a Champion every day! For that reason we exclusively recommend and endorse AdvoCare's Superior performance products, because they do just that...

You don't have to be a professional athlete to experience the benefits of incorporating Performance Elite products into your supplement routine. If you're wanting to add muscle, enhance workouts, or efficiently recover from strenuous activity, look no further.

AdvoCare Performance Elite products are scientifically developed to encourage a healthy pursuit toward optimal performance. Qua Drew Brees first signed on as an endorser with AdvoCare in 2002 and officially became the National Spokesperson in March of 2010. Drew is involved in the companies national marketing efforts and has recently launced the DB9 Drew Brees Signature Series of AdvoCare products. He has been recognized for his performance on and off the field as an athlete and for his charitable contributions and volunteer work.

AdvoCare's products are independently tested by, and independent testing program that certifies a product is free of banned substances considered prohibited in sport by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), and currently tests each product for more than 200 banned substances. This is the reason AdvoCare is the preferred supplement supplier of professional and Olympic athletes, they get the performance they need with the confidence that they will never have to worry about testing positive.

No matter the sport...(from Baseball to Wrestling - Motorsports to Martial Arts) World-Class athletes, coaches and performers use and endorse AdvoCare products to help them perform at peak levels.

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